Since 1979, MiraMed Philippines has provided HIM coding solutions to healthcare providers and payers. Our coding team works closely with a wide variety of healthcare providers, including hospitals, physician groups, ancillary services and outpatient surgical facilities. MiraMed Philippines is the industry leader, delivering onshore and offshore outsourcing coding solutions.

When you outsource your coding to MiraMed Philippines, you can rest assured that you will receive the highest level of quality, service and return on investment in the industry. Our flexible coding services are available as a part of our enhanced revenue cycle services solutions. If you require onshore remote coders or offshore coding resources, we’ve got you covered.

We employ a staff of over 2,000 experts that can solve your most pressing coding challenges. Our team understands the dynamics of a rapidly changing industry and will help you navigate the road ahead with healthcare’s uncertain times.


Blended (Offshore and Onshore) Solutions

Our blended-shore coding delivery model combines the resources of onshore and offshore staff in order to best meet our clients’ needs. This approach offers rapid turnaround times, the highest level of quality output and better economies of scale than other outsourced medical coding options. Our pricing is offered at a fixed price per medical record, a fixed price per full-time equivalent and an array of other pricing options based on the needs of our clients. Our blended-shore model allows increased pricing flexibly due to lower labor costs from our offshore facilities. And while the cost is often a determining consideration, we firmly believe that pricing is always secondary to delivering quality coding services.

All of our offshore coding is performed at one of our centers of excellence in Chennai, India or Manila, Philippines. We employ a stringent quality control process with multiple check points before any chart is delivered to our client. In addition, we leverage our U.S.-based team of experienced coding auditors who perform quality and compliance checks to ensure accurate delivery of the final product. Our blended-shore coding model offers financial incentives, operational efficiencies and quality output that exceed industry standards.

Temporary Projects to HIM Outsourcing

At MiraMed Philippines we offer coding solutions that provide complete flexibility to meet your changing needs. Whether you are trying to clean up process bottlenecks or temporarily supplementing staff due to training or a lengthy absence, we provide you with trained resources where and when you need them.

Accurate coding is vital for providers to meet their financial and compliance requirements. MiraMed Philippines offers an assortment of coding services that fit any organization’s needs. Our medical coders are among the best trained in the industry. We select only the best applicants and once hired, they go through an extensive classroom education process, on-the-job and ongoing training that prepares them to produce a quality coding deliverable.

By outsourcing your health information management (HIM) needs to MiraMed Philippines, you can meet your coding objectives without expanding your current coding staff. Whether you are in need of temporary resources or full-time permanent service outsourcing, MiraMed Philippines is ready to serve you.

Demonstrated Quality and Accuracy

Accurate coding is critical to receive appropriate reimbursement for the clinical service performed for patients. MiraMed Philippines employs a multi-level accuracy and quality assessment strategy to minimize coding errors and ensure proper reimbursement.

Our quality control supervisory and audit professionals routinely review medical coding requirements and scrutinize regulatory compliance thresholds, which enables them to make corrections before returning completed charts to our clients. MiraMed Philippines has one of the most stringent coding audit processes in the healthcare industry. We are compliant with all industry requirements and standards set by various organizations that provide oversight for coding medical charts.